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Playing drums was my first musical desire,nothing better than just jamming.These days i mostly just drum on demo's. I did live T.V. and radio shows backing up Grammy winning Chicago blues artist J.B. Hutto.
we also opened up for such artist as Sam & Dave
and James Cotton
I am drumming on a live cd entitled"J.B. HUTTO And The New Hawkes Live At The Shaboo" I also backed up many other artists such as Preacher Jack.
I had this burning desire to learn how to play a guitar and write songs so I told my parents that I was dropping out of Northeastern University to move to a "hippy commune" in the Berkshires,my old band mates were living there (Western Massachusettes).
I walked around every day with a guitar in my hands
trying to "bond" with it and singing about anything that came to mind. I've written five or six hundred songs and
still havn't lost the desire to write more.
I've spent years playing in bands,doing duos (BLUE MOON). and solo gigs etc.
Moved to Nashville about twelve years ago
I wrote the theme song for the Nashville and Atlanta Knights Professional Hockey Teams(Atlanta did a promotional video with team play(mostly fights) with my song "Knightime" playing in the background.
I've got six cd's available.
americana/ rock & roll / full band
a collection of songs i wrote during my eighteen years
living in Gloucester,Mass.
a collection of Nashville demos
a collection of female songs that i wrote
Currently, I'm mostly writing,demoing and pitching songs.Gearing up to put a new cd or two together
with songs i've written since moving to Nashville.
I did the Nashville writers nights for many, many years.
It's a great way to showcase your songs and get to meet other writers.
I hosted a writers night at the world famous Tootsies Orchard Lounge.
Been thinking about hitting the road as a solo artist.
Meanwhile, i've got a day job as the resident carpenter
at the Nashville Zoo. It's a graet creative,challenging job. (once a songwriter always a carpenter).
I like to challenge myself to succeed at acomplishing personal goals.
I've never been good at making money. Never wanted fortune or fame.The big challenge has always been to write the best songs i can and then perform them.
I always feel good for a day or two after performing. I truly believe that music is spiritual
I would like to be financially successful so as to provide for my family and to do what I can to help to find a cure
for NF2 (neurofibermatosis2) .This is a devaststing
disease that my son,Robby, has.